Rejuvenate Your Soul

Relax and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. Improve circulation and muscle tone. Release tight, achy muscles. Eliminate Toxins from your system. Alleviate inflammation and pain in joints. Reduce stress and tension. All these you get with any of our tour package


Holiday is for rejuvenating our soul and get back that energy and vibe. We have a wide range of tour packages to choose from. At Rajjas Holidays, we also offer a free yoga and spa treatment on booking any of our tour packages. Retreat in tranquility at the Spa. The expert therapists at our spa go that extra mile to make you feel like royalty as they pamper your senses.

In the mad rush of urban life, a little indulgence is the mandate. We you an opportunity to rejuvenate your tired body and soul and returns the lost sheen to your spirit and prepares you to take on the world once again.

With a range of therapies, Ayurvedic Treatments and yoga training , we offer the best to travelers with our special treatments in a soothing ambience. Book our tour package and experience the luxury we provide and pamper yourself with our spa treatment. Experience the ryhtem of yoga and let your body and soul relax.

Most of our associate hotels have the facility of Spa & Yoga.



Yoga is a path to enlightenment that goes back 5,000 years in its native India. Yoga has become the hottest form of exercise. Modern medicine is finally seeing the benefits and confirming in medical studies. Everything from cancer, heart attacks, and depression has been studied, and yoga has been proven to help them all. "Yoga is more holistic, it's interested in the integration of body, breath, and mind."

At our yoga class, we teach Vinyasa Flow variations of Hath Yoga combining classical postures, pranayama breathing, meditation and chanting. The postures are taught in the tradition of combining poses into a moving vinyasa sequence. They are done gradually and dynamically so as to make the body strong and supple. Instruction is given on how to align and fine-tune the postures, as this brings more energy into the body, focuses the mind and develops understanding and clarity.

Aside from this process the poses in themselves when done correctly, have various physical and psychological effects, improving health, liberating movement in the body and maintaining an overall sense of well being.


You don’t need to be flexible to do yoga. The most essential thing is to have a good attitude and a willingness to learn.

You know the feeling you have at the end of a yoga class. You’re relaxed, focused and you have a deep sense of connection to your surroundings. It’s a magical feeling that becomes enhanced with practice.

Yoga is more than just the physical postures you might be familiar with. Yoga is a way of being, it’s a philosophy and its rewards are in raising your life to its highest potential. There really is no limit to this… one can just keep soaring higher and higher.




One of the most popular treatments to have when you visit a Spa is a facial. A spa facial can be a deep cleansing, exfoliating or hydrating facial and is often a combination of all three.

All spa facials commence with an analysis of the skin to determine skin type, assess the condition of the skin and establish whether there are any sensitivities, allergies or areas requiring special attention to take into account before beginning the facial. The main skin types fall into the following categories: dry, sensitive, normal, combination, oily with “mature” sometimes being an additional category.

Therapeutic Massage


Bring your body into balance with this therapeutic massage designed specifically for your body's constitution (dosha). Using anything from classical massage, aromatherapy and balancing herbal oils, our customized massage is based on your elemental make-up and carefully chosen specifically for your needs and wants. The rhythmic and intoxicating strokes break up "ama" (or toxins) improving blood and lymph circulation, eliminating muscle tension and fatigue, and fostering a greater immune response.

Hot Stone Massage


Hot Stone Massage is an Ayurvedic therapy used to promote healing and longevity by releasing tension and connecting the flow of prana (vital energy) throughout the body. It stimulates the circulatory system, relaxes the mind, helps to release toxins and invokes a great night's sleep. Native Americans used hot stones in their healing ceremonies to induce deep relaxation and enhance well-being. Don't take this gentle, soothing massage lightly- it is quite powerful and can bring deep tissue release and alignment on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

Relaxing Foot and Hand Treatment

Following a soothing foot bath with salts and oils, the legs and feet with gentle long strokes to release physical and emotional energy. Using reflexology and stimulating oils the circulation in your feet will improve, leaving them feeling alive and tingling.

A soothing massage for the hard-working hands. To lubricate all the little joints and stimulate the whole body through reflexology points. Followed by a paraffin dip to leave hands feeling smooth and silky.

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we have returned yesterday from our India visit and I want to let you know that we were very pleased and satisfied with your arrangements. The driver was very kind and driving careful (which was particularily appreciated by my wife)....

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The Car was comfortable and the driver was nice but it was difficult to understand/speak with the driver. Good Travel Agency! Thanks.

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A very long journey around Rajasthan perfectly organized by Rajjas Holidays, wonderful rates

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