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To ensure that your travel to India as well as Rajasthan goes smoothly and you go back with happy memories, we provide a Rajasthan Travel Guide, comprising of travel tips that would ensure that your tour to Rajasthan is absolutely hassle - free.

A visa is required for entry into India. Ensure that you have valid six-month tourist visas for travelling to India. All Indian consulates are authorized to issue visas only on the procurement tickets to India and provided you clear certain security and background checks.
It is a must to consider the weather while travelling to Rajasthan. The best time to visit Rajasthan is Oct-Feb as the climate is optimum. Summers are pretty harsh in Rajasthan and the only place that can provide relief is Mount Abu - the sole hill station of the state.
If you are planning to wear full length clothes during your walking tours, then make sure that they do not drag on the floor since streets can be dirty and wet. You should not wear clothes that are very loose because they can get caught in protruding stones and surrounding bushes. Bring light rain gear. Consider bringing, as a minimum, one "Tee" shirt, one "heavy" flannel type shirt and one light jacket. This will allow you to wear layered clothing for a variety of ambient temperatures.
When you visit places of worship, you will need to take off your shoes prior to entry. You are free to wear your socks, but may find that the floor is wet, thus it may be prudent to take off your socks also. Make sure that you bring comfortable and well supporting walking shoes. You will be walking a lot in the ruins of old temples and forts, and they normally do not have a clean and clear path with upturned stones, and steep narrow and broken steps.
Food and Drink:
Do not consume any cold (unprepared) food or which has been prepared previously, such as salads, cut fruit, cut vegetables. A big NO to street food. Also do not eat any yogurts or cold milk products unless they are from an established and good quality restaurant. Feel free to eat fruit and vegetables which you peel yourself. Do not drink water from any source unless it is from a sealed water bottle purchased from a reputable shop (and NOT from a street vendor). It is common for street vendors to re-fill discarded water bottles with normal water. Do not consume any ice.
Accessories :
Always carry sun block lotions, eyeshades, hats as even the winter sun can get uncomfortably hot for some foreign travelers. Consider bringing your swimming trunks, air brush to clean the dust from your cameras and lens, a telephoto lens if your camera supports one, lots of clean wipes for your face and hands because of the dust. Traditional 35 mm film is available in plentiful, however the new Advantix type is not freely available.
Document Safety:
Safety of your document is very important while traveling to any place. It is a smart step to scan and keep all important documents in your mail account prior to start of your journey. Thus if you lose any documentation, then you can retrieve your mail and have all necessary information.
DON'T carry your passport and important travel documents at all times. DO carry attested photocopies of travel documents in person and keep the originals safely.  DON'T buy air/rail or travel tickets from unauthorized persons.
Smart Shopping:
Bargaining is the norm in local bazaars selling products without a written price. Resist the urge to buy without comparing prices from shops selling similar stuff.
Be aware of roadside peddlers trying to sell you semi-precious and precious gems and jewelry.
Trading in ivory, fur, animal skins, antiquities and the like is illegal. If you must have it, obtain a certificate of legitimate sale and permission for export before leaving the country.
Train Journeys:
Your itinerary may include either a day or an overnight train journey. Do not show high value equipment to your fellow passengers. Don’t accept any food or drink from your fellow passengers at any circumstances and equally do not offer your food to any other. Feel free to drink water which you buy in sealed bottles from the on-board train staff and have hot food only.

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Jurgen Schukraft [Geneva ]

we have returned yesterday from our India visit and I want to let you know that we were very pleased and satisfied with your arrangements. The driver was very kind and driving careful (which was particularily appreciated by my wife)....

Boupuelle David [Belgium]

The Car was comfortable and the driver was nice but it was difficult to understand/speak with the driver. Good Travel Agency! Thanks.

Mr. Marco Freschi [Italy]

A very long journey around Rajasthan perfectly organized by Rajjas Holidays, wonderful rates

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