Jems & Jewellery

Rajasthan is famous for its Jewellery industry and also the biggest production centre of colored precious & semi-precious stones in the world. Emerald constitutes the major chunk of the export. Rajasthan contributes substantially to India’s total export of cut and polished stones aggregating over US$ 10 billion. For centuries, Jaipur has been a world-renowned centre for sourcing of fine-cut precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Not only in Rajasthan, but allover India, people love to wear jewellery. They wear it in head, nose, ear, neck, arms, hands, waist, anklet and in fingers (both hands and feet).

Rajasthan is one of the world’s largest centre for hand-cutting of gems. It is India’s important source for precious and semi precious stones like; Ruby, Emerald, Garnets, Agate, Amethyst, Topaz, Lapis lazuli, Carnelian, etc.

Rajasthan is known for the art of silver smithy, beginning from anklets to earrings to head gears. A lot of effort goes into its making since most of the rural communities wear silver ornaments. It is also known for its Lac bangles, Kundan and Minakari, enameled gold jewellery, uncut diamonds and emerald-cutting.

Another most exclusive art is ‘thewa’ from Chittaur popular for its gold work on glass. Some of the traditional adornments are Rakhdi (head ornament), Tussi (necklace), Baju Bandh (armlet), Adah (special neclace worn by Rajputs), Gokhrus (bracelets), Pajebs (anklets), etc. Kundan,the art of setting stones in gold famous in Bikaner and Jodhpur.

Minakari is the Art of enamelling in gold and silver for other metal (meenakari can be done in precious, semi precious gems or the cheaper coloured glass also). It is made in Jaipur, Nathdwara and Pratapgarh.