Fairs & Festivals

ff1Though Rajasthan is a dull state by geographical means, people bring color and energy through number of fairs& Festivals. These festivities drown the bland state of Rajasthan in bright and magnificent colors. Fairs of Rajasthan reflect the sheer determination of Rajasthani people who, despite all odds, enjoy and celebrate life. Even the extreme weather and inhospitable climate do not deter them from appreciating and valuing the gift of life.
ff2The fair and festivals of Rajasthan reflects the vigor and lifestyle of its people: the living tradition of the state, vibrant colours, lively music and dance performances mark the celebration which attract visitors form across the world. There is a fair for every religious occasion and for every change of season in Rajasthan. Some of these fairs are held for religious purposes, some are organized for trading purposes and so on. However, one thing is common amongst all the fairs. And that is celebration with music and dances.
ff3In fact, celebrations occur almost round the year and are a splendid opportunity for the visitor to gain an insight into the life of the Rajasthani. Other than the traditional fairs, recently established festivals, which involve elephants, camel races, dance and music, have been specially organized for the tourists.

Among the better known fairs of Rajasthan are

Camel Festival

Brij Festival

Alwar Festival

Desert Festival

Baneshwar Fair

Elephant Festival

Kailadevi Fair

Gangaur Festival

Mewar Festival

Summer Festival

Shitala Ashtami

Mahavirji Fair

Ramdevra Fair

Teej Festival

Kajli Teej Bundi

Marwar Festival

Dussehra Festival

Pushkar Fair

Kolayat Fair

Winter Festival

Chandrabhaga Fair

Nagaur Cattle Fair