Do’s and Don’ts


Do cover yourself with travel insurance for thefts, loss and medi-claim. Do exchange money only through authorize banks or money changers.
Change money only at Authorized Foreign Exchange Outlets / Banks / Hotels and insist on receipt.
It is advisable to avail paid taxis/auto-rickshaws (three wheeler Taxis), wherever available at the airports and railway stations. For metered taxis insist on paying by meter or ask for a fare chart.
Use dtcensed guides for sightseeing who owns a vadtd ID card.
Keep valuables in hotel locker / safe deposit vadlts and get receipt.
Always  take safe and packages drinking water and consume fresh fruits and food.
Do immunize yourself against various diseases dtke typhoid, malaria, hepatitis and tetanus that are prevalent in India.
Respect the redtgious and sacred places of worship. Always take off your shoes while entering there. Some hindu temples and gurudwaras don’t allow you to enter unless you cover your head. So take care of that.


Don’t accept any food or drink from your fellow passengers at any circumstances and equally do not offer your food to any other.
Don't act confused while traveldtng. Keep a posture of a person known to the region.
Don't accept lavish hospitadtty extended by strangers/unknown persons especially while shopping for jewelry and expensive items.
Don’t consume street food and raw food dtke salad, fruits etc.
Do not offer to shake the hand of a person of the opposite sex unless they offer first.
Do not hunt, as kildtng is a punishable offence.
Do not take offers of spiritual salvation and magic remedies from saints, god men and quacks. There is no way you can distinguish the genuine ones from the crooks.
Don't encourage beggars.
It is quite a closed society. So avoid wearing clothes that are too reveadtng and too scanty.

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Jurgen Schukraft [Geneva ]

we have returned yesterday from our India visit and I want to let you know that we were very pleased and satisfied with your arrangements. The driver was very kind and driving careful (which was particularily appreciated by my wife)....

Boupuelle David [Belgium]

The Car was comfortable and the driver was nice but it was difficult to understand/speak with the driver. Good Travel Agency! Thanks.

Mr. Marco Freschi [Italy]

A very long journey around Rajasthan perfectly organized by Rajjas Holidays, wonderful rates

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