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Rajasthan is the essence of India since many years. This majestic land has been successful to attract many tourists from different parts of the world.

Rajasthan fascinates its visitors with vivid tradition, lifestyle, culture and mouthwatering food. A tour of Rajasthan will give you an opportunity to enjoy its true essence. Every city and area contains a distinct flavor. Not only the big cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer etc. but the smaller ones like Bikaner, Chittorgarh, Ajmer, Puskhkar etc. contributes to the Rajasthan beauty.

Rajasthan tours are a perfect destination for the history freaks. There are a large number of different palaces and forts self-depicting the story of medieval period that will surely amaze you.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience the Rajasthan holidays. The incredible beauty and overwhelming hospitality of the state will surely make a special place in your heart and force you to make frequent tours to Rajasthan.




Jaipur- The capital of Rajasthan - is the largest city in Rajasthan and was built in the eighteenth century by Sawai Jai Singh. It is India's first planned city. Jaipur is a major tourist attraction amongst Indian as well as international travellers. It belongs to the tourist Golden Triangle of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra.

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The city of Jodhpur seems like an oasis in the vast desert. Jodhpur is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Rajasthan. People from India as well as all over the world visit Jodhpur every year. There are a number of tourist attractions in Jodhpur, enchanting the tourists.

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Udaipur, the capital of the former princely state of Mewar is a beautiful city in Rajasthan, India. Udaipur City, formally known as the city of lakes. Udaipur is also referred to as the "Venice of the East", the "Most Romantic City of India" and the "Kashmir of Rajasthan". Udaipur the “City of Lakes” is one among the most romantic and most beautiful cities of India.

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Mount Abu

mount abu

Mount Abu - the only hill station of the desert land is the top peak part of Aravali mountain chain in the western India. It is one the most amazing and astonishing tourist destinations of India. Mount Abu is a beautiful tourist destination; reflect the mix culture of Rajasthan’s culture and natural resources. This world famous tourist destination is blessed with beautiful natural resources, rivers, lake, lush green forests and outfields, Temples, local culture , forts, palaces, and many more tourist attraction spots.

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Jaisalmer, popularly referred as the "the Jewel of the Desert," is one of the most fascinating cities of Rajasthan, India. Also known as "the Golden City of India," Jaisalmer is famous for its magnificent forts, bewitching palaces, havelis (mansions) and centuries old houses. Jaisalmer is also known for its exotic sand dunes and electrifying camel safaris. Jaisalmer has a number of exciting tourist attractions showcasing the royal splendor of the bygone era.

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One of the leading national parks in Northern India, Ranthambore is famous for its tigers and it is the solitary place in India where these royal predators can be spotted in the jungle, even during the day. The park is home to a huge tiger population. Other wild animals that can be spotted in the park include the leopard, nilgai, dhole, wild boar, sambar, hyena, sloth bear and chital. Moreover, Ranthambore also has a vast range of plants, trees, reptiles and birds.

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Ajmeris situated in the green oasis wrapped in the barren hills has been a witness to an interesting past. The city was founded by Raja Ajay Pal Chauhan in the 7th Century A.D. and continued to be a major center of the Chauhan power till 1193 A.D. when Prithviraj Chauhan lost it to Mohammed Ghauri.

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Barmer was founded around the 12th century. It forms the border area of India-Pakistan. Barmer is situated at a distance of 224km from Jodhpur on the Luni-Munabao section of the Northern Railways. Located atop a hill as so many of the cities of western Rajasthan are, it houses the remains of an old fort called Garh right on its peak.

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BharatpurThe 'Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan', was founded by Maharaja Suraj Mal in 1733 AD, it was once an impregnable well fortified city, carved out of the region formerly known as Mewat. The place was named as Bharatpur after the name of Bharat, the brother of Lord Rama, whose other brother Laxman was worshipped as the family deity of the Bharatpur.

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11 km from Ajmer, Pushkar is the only shrine dedicated to Lord Brahma in the World. The lake has 52 ghats and an array of temples along its banks. The best season to plan a visit to Pushkar is October-November, when the day of Kartik Purnima, the Colorful Pushkar Fair is held.

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Sitting on a narrow gorge in the hills and encircled by walled fortifications with four gateways, Bundi is one of the most picturesque towns in Rajasthan. The kingdom of bundi was founded by the Hada Chauhans, a warrior clan who originally ruled Ajmer and Delhi.

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96 kms from Udaipur, it is the site of one of the most important Jain Temples in India. The Marvelous temples over here are living testimony to the wonders that abiding faith and unreleting pursuit of excellence can create. The temple is constructed on an extensive

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Bikaneris one of the three main destinations on the Desert circuit. The other two being Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. In AD 1485, Bika, the son of Rao Jodha of Jodhpur, built the fort of Bikaner and three years later founded the city by the same name. It is said that a random comment made by his father expressing his displeasure at the son’s whispering talk durbar,

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The history of Chittorgarh revolves around its ancient forth which is traced to the reign of the Sisodia ruler Bappa Rawal (AD 734-53). The Sisodias of Mewar are believed to be the oldest dynasty in the world, with its origin going back to 566 AD. Of all Rajput kingdoms in Rajasthan which upheld the Rajput values and kept alive the tradition of independence,

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Shekhawati is known not only for its frescoes and beautiful wall painted havelis, thus making it open air art gallery, but also because of its business tycoons and enterpreneurial spirit of its people. This is a semi desert region in north Rajasthan and it is situated entirely in the triangle between Delhi-Bikaner-Jaipur. Shekhawati is a region and not just a town or fort; it takes its name after its ruler Rao Shekha. Shekhawati means the garden of Shekha.

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The 19th century kingdom of Jhalawar, south of Kota. Is placed in one of the most picturesque and unexplored parts of Rajasthan. In 1838, the state of Kota was dismembered by the British to create a new principality of Jhalawar for the descendants of the famed Zalim singh. Under a treaty concludd in the same year Madan singh,

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In the heart of Rajputana, in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, lies its most breathtaking fort-Kumbhalgarh. Surrounded by deep ravines and deeper forests, this remote and commanding citadel (which has been stormed but once) is the birthplace of Rana pratap. It was built in the 15th century by Rana Kumbha of Mewar. Sprawling among a cluster of 13 mountain peaks, the only access is through the fort’s seven gates and ramparts, each lying within the other.

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