Sitting on a narrow gorge in the hills and encircled by walled fortifications with four gateways, Bundi is one of the most picturesque towns in Rajasthan. The kingdom of bundi was founded by the Hada Chauhans, a warrior clan who originally ruled Ajmer and Delhi. But after their last great ruler Prithviraj chauhan was humbled by muhammed ghori in 1193, the haras made their way into mewar and finally settled on the land usurped from Bunda, a chieftain of the bhill tribals of the region. Later, they became one of the closest allies of the mughals and road chhatar sale, the bundi ruler in the 17th century, was so fiercely loyal to the Empror shahjehan that he would not have anything to do with the usurper prince Aurangzeb, in spite of the many temptations offered him. In 1818 Bundi came under the British.

The fine wall paintings and murals done in the distinctive Bundi style are a major attraction of bundi. The town has also been known as a “city of wells”, with a number of ornate step-wells dating back to the 17th century.

Ratan Daulat (Diwan-e-Aam):

It was a royal court built by maharao rattan singh ji. The Diwan-e-Am was built in such a manner that it forms stables for nine horses and elephants. The royal marble throne is a major attraction of the part.

Major Tourist Spots

Garh Palace:


This is considered to be one of the finest examples of Rajput architecture, the construction was started by Maharao Balwant Singh. A steep, paved carriage way leads to this palace through the Hazari pol or the gate of the thousand. Inside the palace, the Naubat Khana and the Hathi pol are places of special interest.

Chatra Mahal:

This palace was built by Maharao Shatrusal Singh ji. The main attraction of the palace is a room full of murals in the miniature style. The colour schemes of these paintings are golden and blue.

Besides the courtyard, a beautiful small pool and Hathiya sal (with each one of its pillars composed of four wooden elephants) are notable. Glass and ivory work done on the gates is breathtaking.

Nawal Sagar:


This square – shaped artificial lake, broken up by islets, can be seen from the fort. A temple of Varuna (Aryan god of wind) stands half submerged in a conner of the lake. The reflection of the entire city and its places can be seen in the lake, making it a unique attraction of bundi. At sunset, the reflection of the rajmahal n the lake is a fascinating sight.

Raniji Ki Baori:

Outside the city walls it is a fine specimen of a step-well. It has a high arched gate, ornate with excellent carvings on its pillars. The well has a depth of 46 meters and was built by a rani of the royal house. The architecture of this baori is very typical. The intricate murals on the pillars, torans and gates are wonderful.

Mahal Sukh:

This magnificent summer palace was constructed during the reig of raja Vishnu Singh on the Sagar Lake, amid the lush surroundings of a beautiful garden. It is said that an underground tunnel runs from such mahaql to the old palace.

Shikar Burj & Kshar Bagh :


It was the royal hunting lodge. Nestled in the wood, amidst lush greenery, It is a beautiful picnic spot.

Near the shikar burj is an ancient well-maintained garden, where cenotaphs of the kings and queens of bundi stand in all their rich architectural splendour.

Dugari :


This village was established during the reign of the solanki’s dugari is very famous for its beautiful and lovely lake, which covers an area of 36 km .this marvelous lake was constructed in the 10th century when the solanki rajputs ruled here. Hundreds of migratory birds visit the kanak Sagar Lake during the winter months.

The fort situated on the bank of the lake. It is famous for the wall painting which are basd on the bundi style. The paintings are still beautiful and attractive. The palace of Dugari has a beautiful pavilion and gallery of murals, in the miniature style. The walls of the palace are elaborately painted with scenes depicting the raslila- the radha Krishna story. The spotted deer, peacocks, lion and elephants are also painted on the walls. The ram mandir of Dugari is very famous. It has remnants of painting which are more than 200 years old. The garden of dugari is famous for chandan trees. The natural and scenic beauty of the place attracts many visitors.

Indragarh town nestles in a narrow valley fortified by huge walls with four gates. This beautiful and chatming town is one of the most importank and prominent historical towns of Rajasthan. it was established by inder saal singh Rao Raja of Bundi state. The fort of Indragarh is extraordinary, because the architecture and sculpture seen her is indeed rare and unique.

Other tourist attractions

  • Menal
  • Kedareshwar Dham
  • rameshwar
  • Keshoraipatan
  • Talwas
  • Ramgarh
  • Bijolia
  • Rana Pratap Sagar Dam
  • Gardens and Parks

Travelling to Bundi

Air: The nearest airport is Jaipur (210 km)

Rail: Bundi is connected by rail with Kota, Chittaurgarh, Agra and nimach.

Road: Bundi is connected by road with major cities of Rajasthan. There are regular bus services to Ajmer, Chittaurgarh, Delhi, Indore, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Jhalawar, Kota, Udaipur, Bikaner, Nagaur alwar, Ujjain and sawai madhopur from bundi.

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